How much water do I put in my Cirrus bong?

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Maybe you’re a daily smoker and your new Cirrus bong is just one more piece in your collection, or maybe our decadent designs enticed you into FINALLY buying your first bong. Whatever your familiarity or experience level, a little education and curiosity never hurt. So, how much water should you put in your Cirrus bong?

Luckily for you, we’ve kept it simple. The idea behind the Cirrus beaker bong was to stick to the basics. What’s the old adage? If ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Well, we didn’t see any fixing that had to be done with the age old beaker bong, so we just decided to add our own flare to this timeless classic.

The basic components of the beaker bong are the neck, beaker, down stem, and bowl. The two relevant pieces for the question of “how much water do I put in my bong?” are the downstem and the beaker. With the Cirrus bong, we decided to keep the beaker size moderate. We understand that a massive chamber can be daunting to some, so a moderate sized chamber keeps the smoking experience approachable, while also ensuring optimal filtration and cooling takes place for those who do enjoy larger hits.

The downstem we chose for our beaker bong is also fairly simplistic – with a hole at the bottom and 4 additional slits on the sides of the base. These slits add a little extra filtration when the smoke bubbles out, which helps to ensure your hit is properly cooled and goes down smooth.

With the basics of the beaker and and downstem covered, let’s get into how they mingle to achieve the perfect smoking experience. When filling your cirrus bong with water, the most important thing is to make sure that all of the openings on the downstem – the hole at the base and slits on the sides – are fully submerged in water up to about a half inch. This line will also be roughly where the decoration on the base of the beaker ends (convenient, huh?). It’s important to fill the beaker properly, because too little water could result in improper filtration and harsh hits. On the other end of the spectrum, too much water might mean you end up with some bong water splashing up at you as you’re breathing in (ew).

So, now that you have your new Cirrus beaker bong, follow these simple steps as a starting point to filling your bong with water, and ultimately know that it’s okay to deviate. If you find that the smoke is a little harsh for your liking, try adding a little more water. If you find that there’s some drag when you’re trying to pull or that water is splashing around more than you’d like, dump a little water out. Once you’ve found your sweet spot, you’ll know it!


If you’re a boujee smoker like us and like an EXTRA cool rip, we’ve added a donut style ice catcher onto our Cirrus beakers. Take some ice cubes and drop them down the neck of the bong. The donut at the base of the tube should catch them and create a nice labyrinth of ice for your smoke to travel through as it makes its way up the neck. We went with the donut style ice catcher because, unlike the traditional three-point style ice catcher, it allows our designs to be continuous on the neck of the bong without any breaks. We also think it just looks cool.

Happy tokes!

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