How do I use my Cirrus Bubble?

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You did it. You finally did it. You bought a Cirrus Bubble. And we don’t blame you, I mean who could resist? It’s small and maneuverable, perfect for that midday hike or sitting for a smoke out on the porch. Its high-quality borosilicate glass glistens with subtle curves and fits beautifully in your hand. Plus the bowl is perfectly positioned to not singe off your eyebrows while you light up your herb. And then there’s the design. Whether you went for the timeless sativa stencil or the modern, wavy, rainbow haze… the colors do nothing short of entrance. And have you noticed the artwork only gets crazier the further you get through your bowl? We sure have…

Well, now that you’ve found this little gem of a smoking accessory, the question comes of how to maximize your experience. Luckily for you, this piece stays true to our general philosophy: simple is better. At Cirrus, we aim to keep our glass modest and approachable, with just enough complexities to ensure the best smoking experience for the sesh. This lets our unique artwork shine, while ensuring the perfect smoke every time. 

With the Cirrus Bubble, we achieve this high level of functionality with a small water reservoir and a simple barrel percolator. We’ll start by looking at the barrel perc, a simple function percolator that packs a big bang for its buck. The flare at the end of the down stem and slits around the sides of the percolator diffuse the smoke and force it to bubble out in all different directions into the water reservoir. As a result, the more aggressive bubbling that takes place increases the amount of filtration and lends to a much smoother smoke. Fairly simple, very effective. 

On to the barrel percolator’s dancing partner: the water reservoir. The benefits of the water reservoir are fairly intuitive, especially if you’ve used a water pipe before. In general, water acts as a filtration medium for smoke passing through it. As the smoke bubbles its way through the reservoir, the heavier particles in the smoke get left behind in the water. This, combined with the general cooling effects of passing hot smoke through cool water, lend to a much smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience. For the best results, fill your water reservoir about an inch above the barrel percolator. As always, don’t be afraid to deviate on your own path. If you’re finding the smoke to be harsh, try adding a little more water. If you’re experiencing some difficulty pulling, or too much water bubbling up, try using a little less water. Once you find your sweet spot, you’ll know it!

Happy tokes!

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