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Born out of Massachusetts, we hold our roots in the thriving and dynamic cannabis culture of the East Coast. Forever inspired by the herb, we set out to follow our passion and find a niche in the industry that allowed us to express our love for the plant. We realized that we were tired of stashing away our bleak and lifeless glass. It was time for the centerpiece of our sesh to get the credit it properly deserved. Cirrus is an extension of our lifestyle, we’re always looking to grow our crew, whether you snap glass or spark up joints, welcome to the Cirrus sesh

~ Rory & Jonathan

Why focus on the glass?

At Cirrus, we’re pushing the boundaries of glass decoration – high definition graphics, unlimited colors, no plastics or raised surfaces, and, most importantly, 100% eco-friendly. Blown from the finest borosilicate, each creation is handcrafted to create the perfect piece of functional art. Better yet, we’re partnering with artists from around the globe to bring their creations to life, everybody loves the plant

The Perfect Smoke

Cirrus has always been more than just glass, early morning spliffs to late night hash-holes, our sesh has always revolved around the art of rolling the perfect joint. Crafted for those who roll up, our premium rolling papers burn slow and smooth ~ smoke up and enjoy


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